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Assessing the creative strengths of ourselves and our employees is critical to talent development and career advancement. Dr. Eric Stein, a Wharton Ph.D. and professor at Penn State has developed an online survey that measures four aspects of creative strengths based on his books:

  • Decision Making Agility (I)
  • Creative Problem Solving (D)
  • Knowledge Creation Ability (E)
  • Perception and Flow (A)

There is no charge and you will receive a customized report at the end of the session of your creative strengths. All results are strictly confidential.

Take the free Creative Strengths Assessment!

The confidential results will be emailed directly to you. The survey is based on Dr. Stein’s work on The IDEAS’s Method.  Takes only minutes to complete.

Online Webinars by Dr. Stein

To learn about the scholarship underlying the survey, please go to these seminars.

  1. Fostering Creativity in Self and the Organization: Your Professional Edge.
    Webinar at the Smeal College of Business. March 22, 2017
  2. Designing Creative High Power Teams and Organizations: Beyond Leadership.
    Smeal College of Business. 9/27/2017

What the IDEAS Method is About

The IDEAS Method is a method of transformation for individuals, team leaders and executives in charge of organizations. It shows individuals how to identify and leverage eight key strengths based on the theory of multiple intelligences. Next, it demonstrates how to develop four key skills essential for 21st century professionals, teams and organizations:

  • Improvisational Capacity
  • Design Thinking
  • Experimental Aptitude
  • Aesthetic Awareness

In the second book, we focus on the application of these ideas to the development of creative high performing teams and organizations. For an overview of the topics in the book, please go to the Content section of the site. To purchase the books, please go to the Shop.

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