IDEAS Method Overview

The IDEAS Method is both a philosophy and a method. Watch the 2-minute book trailer that appears below or simply read on.


A quick way to remember the essential elements of this method is to simply remember the word: IDEAS.  IDEAS stands for:

  • Improvisation

  • Design

  • Experimentation

  • Aesthetics

  • Strengths

Improvisation is the ability to make effective real-time decisions in new and complex situations using current information and appropriately chosen (or modified) routines, scripts, and patterns.

Design is the ability to envision and construct an object or process that meets the goals and requirements of a particular user.

Figure 1.1:  The IDEAS Method

Experimentation is the ability to decide between two competing goals, courses of action or viewpoints by designing  a process that yields sufficient information to rank each choice according to certain criteria.  This process is often referred to as an experiment.

Aesthetic Judgment is the ability to discriminate between various sensory inputs (e.g., visual, auditory, etc.), recognize the feelings and thoughts invoked, and to rank the object of reflection in terms of certain criteria such as beauty.

Strengths pertain to the multiple intelligences possessed by all people that can be targeted for development and creative expression.

My goal is to share with you ways to increase your improvisational capacity, develop your design proficiency, practice experimentation, expand your aesthetic awareness, and leverage your strengths.

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