Chapter: Capitalize on Your Strengths

It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.
-Albert Einstein, scientist

Numerous studies have shown that expertise and creativity emerge in relation to a particular domain of knowledge or activity.  For example, we might say that a particular person is gifted as an artist, a musician, a writer, or speaker. Human beings exhibit an astonishing array of strengths and abilities. To become really good or even “gifted” requires that we spend considerable time developing our innate talents, strengths and abilities.

Thus, one of the first steps in our journey is to assess our cognitive, kinesthetic and perceptual abilities using the tools that have been designed for such measurement. Historically, human beings were assessed in terms of their general cognitive abilities using IQ scores.  While a start, studies have shown that such measures are inadequate predictors of creative ability, potential or otherwise. On the other hand, a much more pragmatic and useful approach is to use the theory of Multiple Intelligences as a guide to creative development.

In this chapter I help you identify and develop your areas of strength, which become platforms for creativity.

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