Cases, Stories and Methods

This section is to allow practitioners to share stories about their work related to the ideas such as creativity, design, improvisation, etc..Postings may be published or unpublished.  If you are an instructor, please share class materials or teaching methods.

Here are some of the suggested topic areas:

  • Improvisation
  • Design
  • Experimentation
  • Aesthetics
  • Strengths
  • Teams
  • Organizations
  • Creativity
  • Innovation

After filling in your name and email, post the case information to the “Comment” input box.¬†Please include the following information about your story or case:

  • Date of Case or Story
  • Area of Interest; e.g., Improvisation, Design, Experimentation, etc.
  • Title of Case, Story or Method
  • Name of Organization
  • Name(s) of Authors
  • Narrative of Case or Story
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2 Responses to Cases, Stories and Methods

  1. Eric Stein says:

    Date of Case or Story: 1999
    Area of Interest: Organizational Change
    Title of Case or Story: “Change at John Deere Company”
    Name of Organization: John Deere
    Name(s) of Authors: John Deere

    Narrative of Case:
    This presentation was posted at the Academy of Management held in 1999. The presentation describes the approach used by JD to promote change and its strategy in 1999. This presentation may be used to compare with other change management styles. For instructional purposes only.

    The presentation may be downloaded at:

  2. Eric W Stein says:

    Date of Case: 2000
    Area of Interest: Leadership and Improvisation
    Title of Case or Story: “Orchestrating Success: Business Lessons from the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra”
    Name of Organization: Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
    Name(s) of Authors: NPR

    Narrative of Case or Story:
    This audio clip describes what business can learn from a musical group that frequently improvises and takes a shared leadership approach to running the ensemble.

    You may access the clip at: